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Year 3

Hello Year Three,


We hope that you and your families are keeping well, safe and busy.


While school is closed we will be setting home learning tasks each day. They will be posted in the 'Home Learning Tab' with a labelled star for each week. There will be a weekly timetable and tasks set for each day.

We will also include other ideas of things that you might find interesting or fun to get involved in.


You can contact us by our class email to show/tell us what you have been doing or ask us any questions.

We will respond to these messages between 9am and 3pm each school day. 


Our email addresses are:


We look forward to hearing how you are all getting on!


A special message to parents and carers


We want to reassure you that we are here to be a help and support. We are very aware that all our pupils are very different in their learning needs and styles, plus their levels of independence and motivation. We also know that you will all be living in different situations and will have varying arrangements to manage child care and other commitments in the weeks ahead. Please don't feel under any pressure that there is any expectation to keep up the daily routine as we have set this up. Please do what works for you and your family. Above all during this unique set of circumstances we want our pupils and families to learn, grow and thrive, leading as happy and fulfilled lives, as possible at the moment. We are always amazed by the creativity of our parents, so do things together that you really enjoy and interests you. We really look forward to being inspired!


With our best wishes,

Mrs Gregory, Mrs Needs and Mrs Steed.