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Early Birds Club

The Early Birds Club is based on the school site and offers high quality childcare each school day from 07:45am until the start of school (term time only), costing just £2.50 per session.  The Club is friendly and welcoming, run by members of the school staff team.  There are both indoor and outdoor activities for the child(ren) to participate in, depending on weather conditions.
Booking and payment. 
Booking and payment are required in advance, this will secure the booking and also ensure that we can have appropriate staff/child ratios and resources organised accordingly.   There are various booking options, individual days, whole weeks or half termly.  Payment is required in advance with bookings.  A receipt will be issued following payment.


As a school, we focus on using Parent Pay for all payments / bookings. If you need an account setting up please ask at the school office and they will be happy to help.


If payment by cash / cheque cannot be avoided, please bring payment in in a named envelope and please include a booking form.


Bookings can only be made with advance payment.  


Short notice/emergency bookings.  
We will do all that we can to ensure that a small number of emergency places are available daily, as this is a highly valued aspect of the provision, however, these cannot always be guaranteed.


Signing your child(ren) in.  
Children should be accompanied to Early Birds by a responsible adult.  On arrival the parent/carer will be required to sign the child(ren) in, this ensures that the care of all child(ren) is formally handed over from parent/carer to Early Birds.


Refunds and cancellations.   
Staff will have been booked to meet planned numbers and therefore we will not be able to make refunds for children who miss booked sessions through illness or any other unplanned reasons.  However, it is possible to swap a booked session, with 7 days prior notice.  Refunds will be made if the club is cancelled by School.

The Early Birds team!


Kate Allison (Senior Supervisor)
Chris Howse 
Vanessa Low