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Collective Worship

Collective Worship

Because we want to keep strengthening our friendly, caring and supportive community, this year in Collective Worship we shall be looking at ‘values’ for life. Our aim is to encourage the children, and indeed our whole school community, to reflect on these values and to apply them in our everyday lives. 

Every two weeks we shall be looking at a new ‘value’ and in Collective Worship we shall use Bible stories to help illustrate how these values make a positive difference to us all regardless of our religious beliefs. We shall reflect on why they are important to the Christian Church and how we can demonstrate them in a practical way.

Running through all of this will be the values that, in the Bible, are collectively called ‘the fruit of the spirit’. (The Bible, Galatians Chapter 5, verse 22 and 23).

Love   Joy   Peace   Patience   Kindness   Goodness   Faithfulness   Gentleness   Self-Control

We shall keep coming back to these values because they are a great foundation for strengthening the loving school community that we want to be, besides being a clear and practical way of demonstrating our school’s Christian ethos. 

Our themes through the autumn term and the linked Bible stories are here on the website. They also include information as to which Year Group is attending Church (Thursday pm, KS2, Classes 7 to 14) or leading Family Worship (Friday am, EY + KS1, Classes 1 to 6). 

Our Collective Worship is Christian in its nature and will normally, over a week, include stories to illustrate the theme, time to think and reflect, opportunities for prayer and for singing or worship, opportunities to celebrate positive values. As an overview our themes this term will be generosity, compassion (including harvest and our toilet twinning charity venture in collaboration with St George’s and St Michael’s Churches), courage (which leads to Remembrance Day), followed appropriately by forgiveness, friendship and then Christmas with a focus on people’s stories. 

Please do ask if you would like any more information and please do ask your child about the current themes and stories besides how they might be demonstrating the values in school and at home too. If you have some examples please do share with us so we can celebrate them together.

Through our Religious Education curriculum, which follows the Somerset Agreed Syllabus in line with the majority of Somerset schools, we introduce children to major world religions and secular views about faith. Our school is firmly rooted in its Christian foundation however and we will always reflect this, however our purpose is to empower children to think for themselves, beginning to equip them so that in the future they may be informed to make their own choices and decisions whilst reflecting tolerance, respect and compassion.