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Teachers & Roles

Headteacher: Mrs Rachel White

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Sally Newberry


The classes for 2020/21 are arranged as follows:


Class Teacher's Name   Year  
Class 1

Miss Natalie Tarr

  Foundation Stage       SLT
Class 2 Mrs Carrine Wyszatyckyj   Foundation Stage  
Class 3 Mr Tobi Cridge   Year 1  
Class 4 Miss Samantha King Mon & Tue Year 1  
  Mrs Elsa Coglan Wed-Fri    
Class 5

Mrs Helen Needs

  Year 2  
Class 6 Miss Emma Martin   Year 2  
Class 7 Mrs Susan Gregory Mon-Thurs Year 3  
  Mrs Ruth Steed Fri    
Class 8 Mrs Claire Adlam   Year 3  
Class 9 Mr Stephen Low   Year 4  

Mrs Nicola Crichton

Class 10 Miss Finley Hoare   Year 4  
Class 11 Mrs Penny Jerrard   Year 5 SLT
Class 12 Mr Sam Harding   Year 5  
Class 13 Miss Sally Symes   Year 6 SLT
Class 14 Mrs Victoria Williams Mon-Wed Year 6  
  Mrs Elizabeth Keen Thurs-Fri    
Forest School Mrs Ruth Steed  
  Mrs Sandie Beattie  
  Mrs Helen Frounks  
Music Coordinator Mrs Sally Newberry SLT
Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) Co-Ordinator Mrs Sally Newberry  
Computing Miss Helen Greer (Network Manager)  

Mrs Vanessa Low (HLTA & Website Manager)

Modern Foreign Languages (French) Mrs Sandie Beattie (HLTA)  
PE Coaching Mr Stephen Low  
  Mrs Helen Frounks  
Learning Support Coordinator (SENCO) Mrs Alison Fewtrell  
Designated Child Protection/ Mrs Sally Newberry (Deputy Headteacher)  
Safeguarding Lead      
Child Protection/Safeguarding Governor Mrs Nicola Anstice  
Responsibility for "Children Looked After" Mrs S Newberry/Mrs N Anstice  
The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) provides leadership in teaching and learning across the school.
Our team of teachers are supported by Learning Support Assistants. Your child’s teacher(s) will be your first point of contact regarding your child’s educational progress. We are happy to see you informally at the beginning or end of the school day. However, if you require a private or longer discussion with your child’s teacher please make an appointment.
A copy of the Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy may be obtained from the School Office or our website.