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Supporting Your Child to Be Ready for School

At school we promote independence and it is a great help, particularly to the children's confidence if, by the time they start school, they are able to:


  • Be responsible for their own belongings. You can support this by naming all items of clothing and possessions which come to school, enabling the children to identify their own things.
  • Dress and undress themselves keeping their clothes together.
  • Go to the toilet without assistance, washing their hands with soap.
  • Eating healthy foods. We have 2 snack times during a school day for children in the EYFS, in addition to their packed lunch. 
  • Pack a rucksack. The children have lots to collect at the end of day, including a book bag, lunchbox, drinks bottle, jumper and coat, so an ample sized bag which will allow the children to put all these items in together is a huge help.
  • Recognising and writing their own name.


Many Thanks

EYFS Team