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This is Class One and Class Two. These are the classrooms where you will enjoy a mixture of learning with an adult in a small group and choosing your own activities. We call this learning choices time. 

During the day we will have some carpet times to learn lots of new exciting things. smiley

In each classroom we will have different areas. Here is one of the reading areas where you may wish to have a bit of quiet time and enjoy a story with one of your friends. 

This is the Creative Area. This is another area where you can choose a learning choice. In this area we also have the snack table where you will have your morning fruit snack that you will bring in from home. At the end of the day, we will have another fruit snack provided by school on the carpet at story time. 

We are very lucky at Bishop Henderson and have two outdoor spaces! In these areas you will be able to make a learning choice. 

These are the toilets both classes use in Early Years. They are located next to the Class One cloakroom..