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Autumn 1 - Evolution and Inheritance

Science Autumn 1 Homework – Animal Adaptation


Our first Science topic of the year is Evolution and Inheritance.  As part of our topic, we will be looking at how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment. 


We would like you to choose one animal to research and find out how they have adapted to help them to survive their environment.  These evolutionary changes help them to survive, and their adaptations will be passed on to the next generation when they reproduce. 


We would like you to present this research as an information poster (A4 or A3 size).  The poster can be produced by hand or on the computer.  Please include text (in your own words) and pictures in your work.  Remember we would like to know how the features of your animal help it to survive in its environment.  For example, a penguin has webbed feet for powerful swimming and a polar bear has a thick layer of white fur for insulation against the cold and for camouflage. 


Please bring your homework in to school by Thursday 14th October.  Your poster will be stuck in your Science book so please ensure it is presented neatly. 


You can email your work to the class email addresses if that would be helpful.


Thank you,

Mrs Keen and Mrs Crichton