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The Friends/PTA

Friends Email Address:

Hi – Welcome to our page – The Friends of Bishop Henderson – or, the PTA as some people will refer to us.

We are a small (very small, and ALWAYS looking for more help) group of like minded folk who are all trying our best to raise as many funds as we can to support our wonderful teachers in helping them provide a fabulous primary school experience and education for our little people.

We are always looking for ideas on innovative and exciting ways to make money, have fun and bring our community together.

This year, we are hoping to build some ‘sub-committees’ to help breakdown the workload and keep our team focused and not too overwhelmed with work.

Any commitment is appreciated, from making one poster a year from home, to sticking some flyers for events in your neighbours letter boxes, to helping collect raffle prizes. We have so many jobs and the more help we can get – the more successful we will be as a team. EVERYONE is welcome, absolutely everyone!

We may even – have fun along the way! (We do have a lot of fun!)

If you would like to know more, please drop us an email and we can arrange a chat to give you more information. (Look out for our regular meetings which will be advertised in the Lilac letters)

Hope to meet you soon!!