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Our Curriculum

We believe that children need a rich and diverse curriculum which enables them to understand and be fascinated by the world around them.  We have strong academic aspirations for all of our pupils, giving them opportunity to become the best writers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, historians, geographers, engineers, designers, philosophers, musicians, athletes and thinkers that they can possibly be.

To enable this, we provide a coherent and balanced curriculum which, starting from the moment they arrive in school, builds sequentially so that new learning makes sense and links to what they have previously learned.  Subject leaders plan with class teachers to ensure the deliberate placement of knowledge and find ways of revisiting prior learning to make sure it sticks. 

Learning is taken outside through a program of Forest School which all children in the school participate in from EYFS all the way through to Year 6.

This is enhanced by a rich programme of extra-curricular opportunities which give children additional opportunities to learn through sporting, musical, artistic and philosophical activities.

The document below gives you a great deal more information about each individual subject area and also lets you see where each aspect of the National Curriculum is covered. 

Should you want to find out any more about our curriculum, please visit the Class Pages and see the Curriculum overviews and knowledge organisers, or contact Mrs Victoria Williams, our Strategic Lead for Curriculum Development.