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The following uniform code can apply equally to girls or boys.


The school policy is to ask parents to support the adopted colours of purple and grey. There is complete choice over the style and make of garments, the only specific item being the school tie and sweatshirt/cardigan bearing the school logo, which can now only be purchased from Taunton Uniforms (144b East Reach, Taunton).


Winter: (October half-term until end of spring term)


SHOES - flat, black, not trainers
SOCKS - grey or white
TIGHTS - grey, black, white or purple
SKIRT - tailored, grey, or
PINAFORE DRESS - tailored, grey, or
TROUSERS/SHORTS - tailored, grey
SHIRT AND TIE for children in Year 1 upwards - white shirt with Bishop Henderson School tie (standard or clip-on)
Reception children may wear a white polo shirt throughout the year
JUMPER/CARDIGAN - purple, V-necked, plain or with school logo only


Summer: (Beginning of summer term to autumn half-term)


SHOES - flat, black, not trainers
SANDALS - open toed are not recommended
SOCKS - grey or white
GINGHAM DRESS - lilac gingham, or
SHORTS/SKIRT - tailored, grey (leisure shorts are not acceptable), or
TROUSERS - tailored, grey
SHIRT AND TIE - white shirt with Bishop Henderson School tie, or
POLO SHIRT - plain white or with school logo only
JUMPER/CARDIGAN - purple, V-necked, plain or with school logo only
Baseball Cap - plain white or purple, or with school logo only


Earrings, Make-up, etc - no make-up, no jewellery (except for single small stud earrings.


Hair - shoulder length hair should be tied back for reasons of safety and hygiene. Hair accessories should be in school colours.


PE Uniform

The following uniform list can apply equally to boys and girls. All items with the school logo can be purchased from South West School Wear: 

  • Plain purple T-shirt or polo shirt with school logo
  • Plain black shorts or jogging bottoms
  • Plain black plimsolls/daps or trainers
  • Purple V-necked sweatshirt, cardigan, or hoodie with logo

Extra-curricular clubs may require sports specific equipment. Further information will be given when attending these clubs.


Please be sure to name all clothing – quite a large amount of unnamed, nearly new clothing ends up unclaimed in Lost Property!