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Week commencing - 29th November

All Maths will be set on MyMaths. Please ensure you complete the lesson before doing the online homework.




Maths – Adding subtracting fractions


English – Today we will be looking at some different topics and debating the pros and cons. Please consider and make notes of the pros and cons of the following statements:

Should we keep animals in zoos?

Should we all be vegetarians?

Should we get a pet dog?


RE – Please complete the RE lesson – Who is Brahman to Hindus? – on Oak Academy.

Who is Brahman to Hindus? (


Music – Please complete the music lesson - Rhythm – To compose a syncopated rhythm – on Oak Academy.

To compose a syncopated rhythm (




Maths – Starting to multiply fractions


English – This week, we will be learning about the different types of shelters that were used during World War II – such as Anderson, Morrison, Underground Stations and cellars/basements. Today we would like you to research as many as you can and make notes about them - thinking about the pros and cons. You will continue with this task tomorrow. There is a sheet you can use to structure your notes below.


History – Next week, we will be making Anderson shelters. Today we would like you to plan how you could make your shelter. What features does it need? What resources will you use?


PE – Please complete an activity from our school YouTube channel

Bishop Henderson C of E Primary School - YouTube





Maths – Multiply divide fractions introduction


English – Please continue with the activity from yesterday.


French – Please complete the French lesson – Je fais du sport – lesson 4 - on Oak Academy.

Saying what sports you do in different kinds of weather (


Forest School – Use sticks and create a maze in your garden – ask a family member to try and find their way to the centre.





Maths – Properties of Triangles


English – Today we will be using our World War II Shelters Fact File to produce an information page about the types of shelters. Please include a main title, subtitles, picture, paragraph of information including facts, pros and cons.  We will continue this tomorrow. 


Guided Reading – Please complete the attached reading comprehension – Light Through Time.


Art – Please make a shadow puppet which we will be using in our science lesson tomorrow.





Maths – Angle Sums


English – Please continue with the activity from yesterday.


Science – Today we will be investigating shadows and using the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them. Please use the shadow puppet you made in art to prove this objective and draw a diagram to explain your findings. Please think about using scientific vocabulary to label your diagram.


PE – Please complete an online workout