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Week commencing - 22nd November

All Maths will be set on MyMaths. Please ensure you complete the lesson before doing the online homework.




Maths – Comparing fractions 2 – bar model


English – Please complete the parenthesis activity sheet. You can choose which * activity you would like to do. 


History –  Have a look at the PowerPoint on the role of women during the war.  You have been offered a job in World War Two, research more details about your wartime job.


Music – Please complete the music lesson - Rhythm – To read syncopated rhythms – on Oak Academy.

To read syncopated rhythms (





Maths – Add and subtract fractions


English – This week we will be continuing our work on evacuees. We will be writing a letter home as an evacuee to a friend. Please complete the letter writing plan.


RE – Please complete the RE lesson – What are Hindu beliefs about karma, samsara and moksha? – on Oak Academy.

What are Hindu beliefs about karma, samsara and moksha? (


PE – Please complete an activity from our school YouTube channel

Bishop Henderson C of E Primary School - YouTube





Maths – Improper and mixed fractions


English – Today you will be starting to write your letter. Please ensure you write in the first person, use an informal style and include parenthesis.  Remember the work we did on modal verbs, subordinating clauses and adverbials of time and place last week and try to include these. 


French – Please complete the French lesson – Je fais du sport – lesson 3 - on Oak Academy.

Giving your opinions on sports (


Forest School – Make a bug hotel in your garden.





Maths – Parts of a circle


English – Please complete your letter.


Guided Reading – Please complete the attached reading comprehension – The Light.


Art – This week in art we will be creating our Christmas pictures. The theme is Christmas trees. In Class 14, we will be creating a tree from pompoms. In Class 13, we will be creating a tree from toilet rolls. Please have a go at one (or both!) of these activities.





Maths – Angles 4


English – Please edit your letter.


Science – This week we will be using our pinhole cameras. Hopefully you have made yours. When you look through it, you should see the image you are looking at in front of you is upside down on the greaseproof paper.

This is because:

Light bounces off the objects that we see and travels into our eyes so that we can see the objects. As the image passes through the lens, muscles in our eye adjust the lens so that it focuses just like a camera. The image is then projected onto the back wall (retina) of the inside of the eye. This then sends a message to our brain to tell us what it is we are looking at. As the image passes through the lens it gets turned upside down, it is our brain that turns it back up the right way so that we see things the right way up.

This is how your pin-hole camera works – the image we are seeing hasn’t been flipped back yet.

Please use the image attached to draw and explain this process.


PE – Please complete an online workout