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Week commencing 1st November

All Maths will be set on MyMaths.  Please ensure you complete the lesson before doing the online homework. 


Monday – World War II


When was WWII?

Find some significant events from the last 200 years, e.g. Queen Elizabeth coronation, World Wide Web invented - where does WWII sit on a timeline with these events?


The Blitz

Find out about the blitz:

Was it just Britain that was bombed during WW2? – investigate.


Maths – Division remainders



Tuesday – Evacuee Day


Evacuees – What was it like to be a child in World War II?  What was it like to be an evacuee? 

Read some of the real life stories of evacuees and children during the war, take notes on what life was like for an evacuee, read the fictional diaries. (Document below)


Rationing – What can you find out about rationing in wartime?  Why did they have rationing?  What types of food did they eat? 


Poppy art – Please draw / paint a poppy.


Maths – Long and short division





Maths – Negative numbers in context


Forest School – Please create a natural picture using an autumn theme.  You could use leaves, fir cones, conkers, stones, feathers, flowers, fruits …


Evacuees – Please do some more research and use your notes to answer the questions:

What was it like to be a child in World War II?  What was it like to be an evacuee? 

Present your work – information poster, PowerPoint …


PE – Please complete an activity from our school YouTube channel - Bishop Henderson C of E Primary School - YouTube





Maths – Negative numbers 2


English – Letters from the Lighthouse

We will be looking at the postcard which Olive sent home to her mother when they arrived in Budmouth Point.  Mr Barrowman gave them some advice about writing home:

‘Keep your messages cheerful,’ he’d warned us. ‘No homesick blubbing. No moaning about your hosts. Your parents have more important things to worry about than you lot.’

Why do you think he gives them this advice? 

Read the postcard – attached as a PDF below. 

Why does Olive lie?  If you were in Olive’s shoes, would you do the same?  Make notes as to what the truth actually is. 


Guided Reading – Please complete the attached reading comprehension – Facts about Light


Art – We will be creating a World War II collage. Please plan what you would like to do for this. Think about your background (painted, tissue paper…) and what you will include on your collage: poppies, crosses, silhouettes (planes, soldiers …)  Today try to get your background done. 





Maths – Coordinates 2 – negative


English – Today we would like you to rewrite the postcard Olive sends to her mother but this time being honest.  Split the postcard into two sections: the journey and first impressions of Queenie. 


Science – This week we are starting our new topic on Light.  How do we know that light travels in straight lines?  Find a torch.  Make your room as dark as possible and switch on the torch and direct it at a wall opposite.  Can you see the beam of light? – sometimes you can see dust particles floating through it.  Watch -  Light travels in straight lines - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize 

Now devise an investigation to show that light travels in a straight line.  Think about how you can record the investigation - explain what you did and draw diagrams to show the results.  


Art – Please complete your collage. 


Homework books - due Thursday 11th February:

Maths - p. 15 and p. 76

SPaG - p. 16 and p. 19