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Week commencing - 13th December


Over the past few weeks, several activities have been set on MyMaths relating to the work we have covered this term. Please work your way through some of these - ensuring you complete the lesson

before doing the online homework. Maybe choose the topics you struggled with more in class.





Anderson Shelter Building

Today we will be using our plans from the other week to create our Anderson shelters. Please use whatever resources you have available at home to create your own Anderson shelter. (You could look up some ideas online.)

Once you have made your shelter, please complete an evaluation using the sheet below.





Maths – see above


English / RE – Today we would like you write the Christmas story from the point of view of a character of your choice.


PE – Please complete an activity from our school YouTube channel

Bishop Henderson C of E Primary School - YouTube




Maths – see above


RE – Please complete the RE lesson – What are some of the other important holy texts of Hinduism? – on Oak Academy.

What are some of the other important holy texts of Hinduism? (


French – Please complete the French lesson – Je fais du sport – lesson 5 - on Oak Academy.

Saying what clothes you wear to do different sports (


Forest School – Please make a bird feeder. 





Maths – see above


Music – Please complete the music lesson - Rhythm – To summarise our learning of syncopation – on Oak Academy.

To summarise our learning of syncopation (


Art – Please create a picture of the nativity scene.


PE – Please complete an online workout





Maths – see above


Please make a Christmas card (or more) and send them to family members. 


Choose a Christmas film to watch.



Have a very Merry Christmas!