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Week commencing - 10th January

All Maths will be set on MyMaths. Please ensure you complete the lesson before doing the online homework.




Maths – Multiply decimals by 10 and 100


English – This week we will be using our notes from last week to write a description of Lucy entering Narnia and meeting Mr Tumnus.  Today we would like you to write the section where Lucy enters Narnia.  Please include plenty of descriptions of Narnia and Lucy. 


History – Please complete a fact-file of a monarch of your choice. 


Music – Please complete the music lesson - Harmony – Lesson 2 – on Oak Academy.

To explore chords (





Maths – Multiply decimals by whole numbers


English – Today you will be writing the next section of your description where Lucy meets Mr Tumnus.  Please write a detailed description of Lucy’s first impression of Mr Tumnus. 


RE – Please complete the RE lesson – Christianity – Lesson 2 - on Oak Academy.

What is the Holy Trinity? (


PE – Please complete an activity from our school YouTube channel

Bishop Henderson C of E Primary School - YouTube





Maths – Divide decimals by whole numbers


SPaG – Active and Passive  - Please work through the PowerPoint then complete the worksheet


French – Please complete the French lesson – En Ville – lesson 2 - on Oak Academy.

Saying what there is and is not in the town (


Forest School – Please choose one of the following activities to complete: Go on a bug hunt in your garden, create an animal collage out of leaves and other natural materials, make a bird feeder or make a bug hotel. 





Maths – Area of a parallelogram


English – Today you will write your final section of your description which will include a conversation between Lucy and Mr Tumnus. 


Guided Reading – Please complete the attached reading comprehension – Strange Hearts.


Art – We will be continuing with our Aslan inspired lion collages.  Please have a go at your own lion collage. 





Maths – Area of a triangle


English – Today we would like you to edit your work please. 


Science –

Please watch this video: The Human Body: The Heart | Educational Videos For Kids - YouTube

Now work through the attached presentation to learn about the parts of the heart and how it works.   

Please use the attached diagram to label the diagram of the heart – vena cava, pulmonary vein, pulmonary artery, aorta, left ventricle, right ventricle, left atrium, right atrium. 


PE – Please complete an online workout