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Week beginning - 29th March

Please read and go on SpellingShed and TT Rockstars daily.   


We are continuing to study Oliver Twist.  Please watch the following videos and complete the work linked to them. You will need a pen and paper to make notes.  



Please do the following lesson on complex sentences.  


Guided Reading 

Please complete the attached reading comprehension about Serena Williams. 



Please let us know if you are isolating and we will set you some tasks on MyMaths. 



As we are approaching Easter, we would like you to look at the story of Jesus’ trial and the reasons for his death. Begin to consider the language around this event that you might use and using a medium belief – salvation: 

  • He sacrifices himself in the place of humanity 

  • Because Jesus is without sin  

  • He ‘pays the price’ which should have been paid by humanity.  

  • Belief- God 

Read Luke 23 v 13 – 24 and 44 – 47. 

Finally, design a cross that reflects the importance of Jesus in our lives today. Think about the way you want to portray your cross. Consider the strong symbolism of Jesus on the cross and the empty cross that symbolizes Jesus’ resurrection.  



This week, we would like you to find out about the SS Great Britain.   

Please watch the following clips.    

Mr Brunel tells the story of the SS Great Britain - and how she started as a joke! 

Sean explores SS Great Britain and meets Brunel! - Fun Kids - the UK's children's radio station ( 

There is lots of information on the SS Great Britain website - The story | Visit Bristol's No.1 Attraction | Brunel's SS Great Britain 

Use this link to see inside the SS Great Britain - Virtual Tour of the SS Great Britain | Visit Bristol's No.1 Attraction | Brunel's SS Great Britain 

Now we would like you to create an information poster about the SS Great Britain.   



We would like you to do a picture of the SS Great Britain.   

You can choose the medium you would like to use: sketching pencil, coloured pencil, paint...   

We have included a picture you could use or feel free to find your own.   


Outdoor Learning 

Please continue to work on your nature journal.   



Any queries please e-mail us on the class e-mail, we will respond as soon as we are able to. 


Thank you,  

Mrs Keen, Mrs Symes and Mrs Williams