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Week Beginning 29/11/21

This week our focus will be on 'toys'. We will be thinking about how toys work and what materials they are made from. 


Can you draw a picture of your favourite toy? What sound does the name of your toy begin with? for example, if it was a 'car' it would begin with a 'c'. You could have a go at writing the first sound in the name of your toy or challenge yourself if you can hear some of the other sounds in the word! 


Can you have a go at sorting some of your different toys into the different types of materials they are made from? e.g plastic, wood, fabric, metal. Then, can you sort your toys into how they work? e.g batteries, wind up, friction motor, push and pull.


Challenge: Each day can you practise writing your name? Remember to use the RWInc handwriting phrase to help you remember how to write each sound in your name. (You can find a list of these on the 'Phonics' section on the 'Early Years' part of the website)



We have now learnt all our singular Set 1 sounds. Throughout this week you can revisit the sounds using your RWInc Set 1 green book. You can also use the sounds sent home to practise blending the different suggested words. 


**PARENTS** Below is a video that shows how to say the 'pure' sounds of each of the sounds we learn in RWInc. It is important your child learns how to say these sounds correctly.


There are also some free phonic blending games you can play with your child on PhonicsPlay (click on the link below to take you directly to the website link)

Phonics Play Website Link




This week in Maths, we are focusing on one more and one less. 


If you have a TV license you could watch  ‘Just add one' Numberblocks episode

Encourage discussion of adding one more and noticing that the Numberblocks get bigger and the number changes.


If you have got any building blocks or anything similar you could have a go at making each Numberblock, noticing  that each time the Numberblocks get bigger and the number changes, we add one more. 


Using some chairs or cushions can you make a pretend bus? You could use people or some teddies or different toys to choose different amounts of people to get on to the bus. Each time you get to the bus stop, one passenger gets off the bus (one less). Discuss each time how many people were on the bus and how many people are on the bus now e.g there were 5 people on the bus and one person/teddy got off and now there are 4.


You may like to play this game that focuses on 'one more and one less'.   



To continue practising your number skills, can you practise writing numbers to 5 or to 10 on little pieces of paper. Can you mix them up and see if you can put them back in the correct order? Can you find different things around your house to count and see if you can match them to the number e.g count 5 toy cars and match them to the number 5. 




Over the next few weeks in RE, we will be thinking about 'Special Times'.


Think about why some times are special. Can you think of times that are special?  e.g. birthdays, Christmas, christenings.


This week we will think about Hannukah. The Jewish festival of Hanukkah happens around the time of the Christian festival of Christmas. 


Watch a video about Hannukah. This short video and summary tells more about how this festival is celebrated


You could play the dredle game. Can you find out how?


Extra Challenge


In SCARF, our RHE programme, we will be thinking about internet safety. 


Below is a PowerPoint with a story about Smartie the penguin. Smartie faces some different challenges about how to stay safe when he is online. Can you read the story with your grown up and see if you make the right decision to choose ways to keep Smartie safe when he is online?