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Week beginning - 28th September

Please read and go on SpellingShed and TT Rockstars daily.  



Please watch the following clip. 

Watch the clip again and make some notes about the setting of the village and the lighthouse. 

Please write a descriptive paragraph about each of these settings.  Once you have written them, please edit, best copy and illustrate. 



Please look at the attached PDF on auxiliary verbs and complete the activities. 



This week maths has been set via MyMaths, please log in to your MyMaths site, watch the lessons and complete the tasks.

There is a place value booklet below which you can complete as revision. 



Watch this video about how to eye works. 

Use this website to learn the parts of the eye and what their function is. 

Draw a simple cross-section of the eye and label the parts of the eye.  Then write an explanation of the parts of the eye. 

Study your eye carefully in a mirror and draw a detailed observational sketch. 

Ask someone to close their eye and cover it with their hand.  After a few seconds, ask them to open it again.  What do you notice about the size of the pupil.  Please write an explanation about what is happening and why. 

Complete the science homework task.  This can be found under the homework tab. 


Any queries please e-mail us on the class e-mail, we will respond as soon as we are able to.


Mrs Keen, Mrs Symes and Mrs Williams