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Week beginning - 26th April

Please read and go on SpellingShed and TT Rockstars daily.   



Please follow these activities on non-chronological texts. 


To learn about tigers and their appearance ( 


Lesson: To practise using formal conjunctions | Teacher Hub | Oak National Academy (  




Please do the following lesson on relative clauses  


Guided Reading 


Please complete the attached reading comprehension – A Delightful Stepsister. 




If you are isolating, please email us and we will set some tasks on MyMaths for you to complete.   



In class, this term, we are studying The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by Lewis Carroll. Our R.E is linked to this. This week we are focusing on Hope.  

Investigation and Evaluation: Look at the stories of Jesus changing the situation in the bible.  Write down as many changes as you can and another to highlight the impact/effect that you think that the changes had on the people who were there. 

Extension and application:  If these stories of change happened today what impact do you think they would have?  


Luke 9:40-56 Changing sickness to health and death to life  

Mark 11:46-5 Changing from blindness to sight  


Make a list (from memory or scan through the gospels) and see how many other stories you can find where Jesus changes the situation. 


Edmund began to change as he saw the spring coming to Narnia. 


Listen to The four Seasons by Vivaldi La primavera" (Spring)  


As you listen think about things that you would like to see changed in your life and in the life of the class.  


Agree as a class some ‘behaviours’ that you would like to see change in the school over the next few weeks and display it publicly e.g. classmates showing greater respect to each other, classmates listening more to each other etc… 



Look through the PowerPoint about Ancient Civilisations and then complete the worksheet - Ancient Civilisations.   



Create a scene of how you imagined Narnia to look when Lucy walked through the wardrobe.   



Please complete one of the Sports Leader challenges on the Bishop Henderson YouTube channel.   

Bishop Henderson C of E Primary School - YouTube 



Outdoor Learning 

Please continue to work on your nature journal.   



Any queries please e-mail us on the class e-mail, we will respond as soon as we are able to. 


Thank you,  

Mrs Keen, Mrs Symes and Mrs Williams