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Week Beginning 23rd November 2020

Zentangle Pattern Example Circles

Welcome to the Remote Learning for Year 4!

Please read and go on Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars daily.  



This week in English, we are immersing ourselves in different stories. Have a think about your favourite story. One of Miss Hoare's favourite childhood stories is Cinderella!


We are aiming to write our own story, using a story mountain (Beginning, Middle and End), to help us. Below is a link to The Oak National Academy - these videos will support your learning and will give you useful tools and skills, to ensure that your writing flows and reads well. Enjoy! 



This week Maths has been set via MyMaths, please log in to your MyMaths site, watch the lessons and complete the tasks.

Please get in contact if you need your MyMaths passwords.



What are the hemispheres?

In this lesson, we will be learning about hemispheres, which divide the world into two equal halves. We will explore the Northern and Southern hemispheres as well as the Equator, an imaginary line which circles around the Earth, halfway between the North and South Poles. 


Please follow the lesson, from Oak National Academy, which supports our learning on Hemispheres, here: 



This week, similar to last week, we are working on our Zentangle Patterns. We began to create our patterns last week, however this week we are going to choose our favourite pattern (either from the worksheet attached or one we have created ourselves) and draw it in a circle. 


Here is a video link to the creation of Zentangle Patterns - this is a very relaxing video! 


Attached to this page, is a zentngle pattern worksheet, which has a variety of patterns on it, in case you want to print them and use them to help you!