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Week beginning - 22nd March

Please read and go on SpellingShed and TT Rockstars daily.   



We are continuing to study Oliver Twist.  This week we are writing a playscript based on a scene from the film we watched last week. If you need a reminder of the story, please watch this video:  

Use the PowerPoint and the guided reading, Scene 2 from Oliver Twist to help you set out your play script correctly. Could you act it out with someone when it’s finished? 



Please do the following lesson on compound sentences. 


Guided Reading 

Please complete the attached reading comprehension about Stephen Hawking.  



Please complete the attached booklet on perimeter, area and volume.    

There are also some dice games you can play.   



This week, your task is to recreate the scene with Adam, Eve, the serpent and the apple tree as a 3D shoe box scene.   

You will need: shoe box or similar size box, Lego or playdoh or any craft materials to create your characters and scene.   

We have attached a document below with some examples.   



Last week in school, we learnt about how animals are adapted to suit their environment.   

You can revise this first:  

Please watch the video, read the information, complete the activity and do the quiz.  

What is adaptation? What is adaptation? - BBC Bitesize 

Now have a listen to this song - I apologise if it gets stuck in your head!   

Animal Adaptations song -   

This week, we would like you to use your knowledge of animal adaptation to invent your own animal.  You will need to explain how they are adapted to live in a particular environment.  Please draw your animal and label its adaptations – explain how specific features/characteristics help it adapt to survive in its habitat.  


Topic / DT 

This week, we are having a bridge building day at school!  

We will be designing, making, testing and evaluating our bridges.   

First, you will need to design your bridge.  We will have a budget to build our bridge and pupils will be able to ‘buy’ the materials they will need to build their bridge.   

Once you have designed your bridge you will need to make your bridge then test it following the attached criteria. Full instructions are given below.   

Finally, you will need to evaluate your bridge using the attached sheet.   

Please do send us a photo of your finished bridge.   


Outdoor Learning

Please continue to work on your nature journal.   



Any queries please e-mail us on the class e-mail, we will respond as soon as we are able to. 


Thank you,  

Mrs Keen, Mrs Symes and Mrs Williams