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Week Beginning 18/10/21

This week is 'Book Week'. The theme of wizards is based upon the story of 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' from the book 'Once Upon a Tune' by James Mayhew. 


  • Can you discuss what a sorcerer/wizard is with someone in your family? What is an apprentice? You may like to watch this video of the author James Mayhew talking about his story. 


If you do not have access to the book, there is a Disney alternative from the film 'Fantasia' that you may like to watch on YouTube. 


  • On Monday, we will be dressing up as wizards. If you would like to still dress up at home, we would love for you to share some pictures with us on Tapestry. Can you draw a picture of you in your wizards outfit? 


  • Can you design your own spell at home using different rhyming pairs? You could find things around your house that rhyme such as 'sock and rock' or you could draw some pictures of your chosen rhyming pairs, for example, 'bugs and slugs'. 


  • You could have a go at making your own edible wand to cast the rhyming spell you have made, before getting to eat it as a little treat! You could make this simple edible wand using a breadstick, melted chocolate and sprinkles. 





We have got five new sounds to learn this week. 


Mon - v

Tues - y

Weds - w

Thurs - z

Fri - x


As well as learning your new sounds, you can use the previous sounds we have learnt from your packs to try and make some words and Fred Talk. 


**PARENTS** Below is a video that shows how to say the 'pure' sounds of each of the sounds we learn in RWInc. It is important your child learns how to say these sounds correctly.



Below are some handwriting sheets of each of the sounds to practise writing the sounds. 



This week in Maths, we are thinking about repeating patterns.


  • Can you use different things in your house to have a go at making some repeating patterns e.g red Lego, yellow Lego, red Lego, yellow Lego....  If you would like a challenge you could have a go at making a repeating pattern with 3 things e.g cuddly toy, ball, toy car, cuddly toy, ball, toy car.....
  • You could have a go at this repeating patter shape game on TopMarks.        
  • Can you listen to this song that follows a repeating pattern? Clap Your Hands and Wiggle Your Fingers - Music Bus. You could have a go at making up your own verses!