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Week Beginning 14/2/22

This week we will continue our under the sea topic with a focus on 'Pirates and Mermaids'.



If you have any pirate or mermaid stories can you share them at home this week? 


Can you watch the story 'The Pirates Next Door' on YouTube? In the story, two of the characters write letters to each other through a 'message in a bottle'. Can you have a go at writing some different messages to some of your friends and family? Remember this does not need to be spelt correctly - at this stage we expect children to write phonetically (the sounds they hear). 

The Pirates Next Door - Book Read Aloud

Meet the Jolley-Rogers - a pirate family who is moving to Dull-on-Sea, a quiet seaside town, while they fix up their ship. This unusual family soon has the w...

Can you have a go at making your own pirate map? There are some examples/templates in the resources section to give you some ideas. Can you label your map e.g 't-r-ee' or 'f-i-sh'?


Challenge: Each day, can you practise writing your name? Remember to use the RWInc handwriting phrase to help you remember how to write each sound in your name with the correct letter formation (You can find a list of these on the 'Phonics' section on the 'Early Years' part of the website). Try and make sure you hold your pencil with 'pinchy' fingers and make sure your letters sit next to each other. 



**PARENTS** Below is a video that shows how to say the 'pure' sounds of each of the sounds we learn in RWInc. It is important your child learns how to say these sounds correctly.


If you would like some RWInc videos saved on Tapestry, please send an email to your child's class email page and we will save some for you.


Your child will be familiar with the routine of these videos as they teach RWINC in the same way we do at school. Please encourage your child to interact where possible with these, the teacher will pause at times for your child to contribute. 


There are also some free phonic blending games you can play with your child on PhonicsPlay (click on the link below to take you directly to the website link):

Phonics Play Website Link



This week our focus is  'Length and Height'. 


Here are some Oak Academy video lessons you can access. 


Topmarks has some online maths games you may wish to play. ;



This week we are continuing to look at 'Special Places'. 


This week, we are going to look at the special place of a different religion. We are going to look at a synagogue, the special place for Jewish people.


Look at this short video of Jewish children explaining what happens when they go on Saturday to worship God at their synagogue.


If you want to look at the different things found inside a synagogue, you could also watch this video.



Continuing our ‘Under the Sea’ topic, we will be looking at floating and sinking. Part of this will include us making our own pirate ships and finding out which materials make a good, waterproof ship that floats well.


Can you investigate which materials/objects in your house float and which sink? 


You could have a go at making your own pirate ship at home and investigate which materials are waterproof and which are not? When you have finished making your pirate ship, can you test it out to see if it floats? 


You could also have a go at making and decorating your own pirate hat by following the instructions in the resources section!