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Week Beginning 11/10/21

This week we are thinking about the houses we live in. Some of our friends put some pictures on Tapestry to show us their houses and we discussed what they looked like and what rooms were inside. 

  • Can you talk to your grown up about what your house looks like and what rooms you have inside. You might like to draw a picture of your house.


Continuing to think about houses, we wondered what kind of houses people used to live in in the past, a long time ago.

  • Can you think of a type of house that people might have lived in a long time ago? 


This week we will focus on Castles.  Please look at the Powerpoint below to find out some information about parts of a Castle, what they looked like and who lived in them. 

  • Can you look for any recycled materials and have a go at junk modelling a castle? 



We have got five new sounds to learn this week.


Mon - e

Tues - l

Weds - h

Thurs - r

Fri - j


As well as learning your new sounds, you can use the previous sounds we have learnt from your packs to try and make some words and Fred Talk. 

  • Can you put the sounds m-a-t together and Fred Talk to see what the word is?


**PARENTS** Below is a video that shows how to say the 'pure' sounds of each of the sounds we learn in RWInc. It is important your child learns how to say these sounds correctly.

Below are some handwriting sheets of each of the sounds to practise writing the sounds. 



This week in Maths, we are thinking about comparing size, mass and capacity. 

  • Have you got the story Dear Zoo to read at home? If not, you can watch the story on the video below

  • Can you think about the types of animals in the story and whether they would fit in any of the other animals boxes. Would the elephant fit in the frog's box? Why not? Is the elephant too big? Is the box too small?
  • Have you got a box at home that you could try and fit some objects in? Are there any objects that are too big? Are there any that are small enough to fit in?


Here are some songs and videos you can watch about comparing size.