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Week beginning - 10th May

Please read and go on SpellingShed and TT Rockstars daily.   



Please follow these activities on non-chronological texts.  



Please do the following lesson on apostrophes:  


Guided Reading 

Please complete the attached reading comprehension – A disgruntled Police Officer  



If you are isolating, please email us and we will set some tasks on MyMaths for you to complete.   



In class, this term, we are studying The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by Lewis Carroll. Our R.E is linked to this. This week we are focusing on Good V’s Evil 


Make a list of the names of evil characters that you know in literature or in film. e.g. - Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter.   

Brainstorm words that would describe these characters. e.g. - cruel, selfish… 


Make connections:  

Make another list of the characteristics of the serpent then compare them with the characteristics of the White Witch.  Are there any similarities? 



It’s not possible to complete the science lesson we will be doing at school as you will not have the necessary equipment at home.  Please follow the link below and choose one or more the lessons to complete.   

Electrical circuits - Oak National Academy ( 



This task is to be completed over the next few weeks.  We will be continuing to think about Ancient Civilisations.   

What was an Ancient Civilisation?  

Make sure you know the difference between this and a specific time period.  Find out a bit about the civilisations that you placed onto your World map last week.  

When in time were these civilisations?  

Place these civilisations on a timeline.   

What was happening in other countries (particularly Britain) during these times?  Label any interesting key events, time periods or even other civilisations.  How do they compare? Don’t forget to label how long each time period/civilisation lasted.   

Note down anything that surprises you, catches your eye or any questions that you would like to further investigate. 



Mr Tumnus carries an umbrella in the scene where we meet him in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  Have a go at designing your ideal umbrella.   



Please choose a PE with Joe workout to complete.   

PE With Joe | 2021 - YouTube 


Outdoor Learning 

Please continue to work on your nature journal.   



Any queries please e-mail us on the class e-mail, we will respond as soon as we are able to. 


Thank you,  

Mrs Keen, Mrs Symes and Mrs Williams