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Week beg 4th May

Welcome back everyonesmiley


We have  lots of activities set up again for this week. However we know that everyone is facing challenges with time, computers, tablets, wifi and printers. PLEASE only do what you can manage. Some of the tasks might spark your interest and send you off in your own direction - that is absolutely fine. 

We have uploaded PDF resources. PLEASE do not feel that you have to PRINT them off. They are only a guide, so using pen, paper, scissors, glue and any other resources that you can find at home, to make up your own examples will work just as well!


The BBC Bitesize Daily are available online and on the red button on TV. They are worth a look at. On the daily timetable I have noted down the lessons that crossover with what we are doing at the moment.


On Friday it is a bank holiday to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. We are not following our usual timetable and there are some fun activities to mark this celebration.


Please continue to share photos and videos of what you have been up to and let us know about any resources or ideas that worked well for you and we can then share it with others.


Special Music Lesson this week. 

This term Miss Jameson who is training to be a teacher would have been back in Year 3. Miss Jameson is really disappointed that she can't be in school at the moment but she has prepared a Music lesson for all the children in Year 3 to do at home any time this week. Please find details about it below and she would like you all to send the pictures you create from it in to your teacher's class email so she can see them. 


Have a good week everyone!

Miss Jameson's Home Learning Music Activity

Choose a short fluency task each day