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Week beg 18th May

Welcome to a another new week everyone!


As usual we have lots of activities set up, but please do not feel overwhelmed, just do what works well with you and your routine. Some of the tasks might spark your interest and send you off in your own direction - that is absolutely fine. 

We have uploaded PDF resources, lots of them are to show you a way that you could layout your work. PLEASE do not feel that you have to PRINT them off. They are only a guide, so using pen, paper, scissors, glue and any other resources that you can find at home, to make up your own examples will work just as well!


The BBC Bitesize Daily are available online and on the red button on TV. They are worth a look at. On the daily timetable we have noted down the lessons that crossover with what we are doing at the moment.


Please don't forget to take a look at our Gallery where you will find out about what others have been doing. You are welcome to join in with Daily Collective Worship which is being recorded and can be found in the Video Resource Centre in the Children's Tab.


Thank you very much for keeping in touch with us by sending emails,photos and videos of what you have been up to. It was lovely to see lots of you on our Zoom chats we hope to hold these regularly so that we can meet up together. 


This week Mrs Gregory and Mrs Steed are working in school all week, so apologies if we don't respond immediately to emails. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.


We hope that you all have a great week!


With best wishes from

The Year 3 Teaching Team

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