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2D Shapes

(Live Zoom Session)

Children will be doing a scavenger hunt to find 2D shapes.

This could include 3D objects if they spot that one of its faces is a 2D shape.


Then, write labels for other 2D shapes that you can find in your house or garden. How many can you find?


Weather Diary


Draw a picture of what the weather looks like today. Describe what it is like.

If you have a thermometer/weathervane/rain gauge, you could talk in more detail about the weather and record any findings.

Write about what food is nice to eat in this sort of weather and why.


e.g. if the weather is hot and sunny, you could write...

I would eat a tasty ice cream with a chocolate flake. It would cool me down after I have been playing outside.   


Think carefully about your sentences.


- Sound words out carefully

- Ascenders (tall letters) and descenders (long letters)

- Finger spaces

- Capital letters

- Full stops

- Cursive writing

- Read back your work

- Edit mistakes


Handwriting – Using a pencil, we will be practising the months of the year in our cursive handwriting – June, July and August


You will all receive an email containing links to your phonics for each day of this week.



Keep yourself active by setting up you own circuit. Include a running station, a jumping station and a stretching station.