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WC 9.11.2020



For maths this week, we are continuing to find different number bonds. We are also writing number facts to represent them (2 additions and 2 subtractions per problem). There are 4 activities for you to complete with further instructions on each task: 


1. Find number bonds to 20 (this lesson can be completed over two days as there are a few tasks to complete) 

2. Find fact families for 20

3. Find fact families within 20

4. Add three 1-digit numbers



In English this week we are focusing on developing our guided reading skills. We are learning to retrieve information, check our understanding of vocabulary, sequence events, make predictions and answer inference questions (questions which ask us to think of what we know because of what has been said or done). Below you will find some activities to carry out (please only complete the second sheet on each document labelled 2)


We have also uploaded some phonics PowerPoints where there are both real and nonsense words for you to read. 


This week's spellings to learn from the common exception words are:

are    our    do    so    there    they    water 

In science this week we are learning about recycling. Please do the activities in the order listed in the resources. You can also sort your recycling at home and try to reduce your waste as much as possible. Have fun recycling!