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WC 8.3.21

Remember - you can continue to use your Oxford Owls class login to access hundreds of lovely books.

**You may wish to add the activities you complete onto Tapestry for us to see and add feedback to. This can be just a comment to tell us what you have been doing or photos/videos. **



For meditation this week, feel free to look for some yoga and mindfulness videos you might like to do under the ‘Mindfulness’ tab from previous weeks, or check out ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ online or ‘GoNoodle’. You may want to listen to any stories we post on Tapestry or you could follow this link to an audio mindfulness book on the World Book Day website. Each chapter has a different mindfulness activity lead and read by Sheridan Smith.



Read Write Inc

In school this week we are going to be playing some practical phonic games and assessing where the children are ready to start Read Write Inc in ability groups when we feel the children are ready. 


You can use the links under the ‘Phonics’ Tab on the home learning page of the website to play some fun games on the phonic websites suggested.


Additionally, there is a document under the ‘Phonics’ tab called ‘Practical Phonics Ideas’ with some practical ideas to recap sounds and blending skills.


If you would like any Read Write Inc video links to any particular sounds, please email one of the team and we can send a link to you on Tapestry.



You may like to watch the story of the 'Colour Monster' that we have looked at previously to think about how you are feeling at the moment and recognise some of the emotions from the story. What makes you feel happy? what makes you feel calm? what makes you feel sad? what makes you feel cross? You could have a go at writing or drawing some of the things for each emotion. 


Can you listen to or read some of your favourite stories at home, talk about the pictures and what happens in the story? You could use the park scene picture at the bottom of the page to look  and talk about what is happening in the picture.  Can you have a go at using your 'Fred fingers' to sound out and write about some of the things that you can see in the picture? Remember we need a capital letter at the beginning of our sentence, finger spaces and a full stop at the end of our sentence.


Throughout the week, can you practise forming the letters in your name correctly? Remember you can use the formation sound mat we sent home to help you remember the rhyme for each letter. You could have a go at writing your surname if you would like an extra challenge. 




Can you use the number rhymes PowerPoint at the bottom of the page to recap and practise the number rhymes we use to help us form our numbers correctly (remember to use your magic finger pencil to have a go at writing the numbers in the air while you say the rhyme).


Throughout the week, can you use the rhymes to help you write and form numbers to 10 correctly? If you feel your child is ready and are forming numbers to 10 correctly they could practise writing teen numbers.


You may also want to have a go at singing some number songs this week.  




If you planted a seed last week, please continue to think about what your seed needs to grow. You might like to keep a little photo diary and write down what happens. We would love to see any observations on Tapestry of how you are getting on with this activity. If you did not do this activity last week you could have a go this week!


Throughout this week, can you practise getting dressed and undressed independently in the morning and evening? You could have a go at putting your socks and shoes on and taking them off again independently. 


Throughout this week, can you play some board games or complete some puzzles with someone in your family to practise taking turns? Can you build or make something with someone in your family to think about how you can work together? eg baking something, building a model or doing some arts and crafts.