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WC 4.1.2021

Hello everyone! 


We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and that you are all keeping safe and well. 




Over the Christmas Holidays, some very exciting post arrived. It was a letter from a scientist called Professor Helga who works at The National Humbug Institute. The letter (which you can read below), informs us that there has been a sighting of a never seen before humbug at our school! (If this is true, it will be called The Henderson Humbug). Using the clues on the letter below, design and make what you think the humbug might look like. 

Then, using the text map and letter, can you learn the information text? What actions could you use to help you remember it? 

Finally, generalisers are used in the text e.g. the majority, most, many. Can you make up some interesting facts (these can be made up or real) which contain a generaliser and a conjunction? Here are some examples: 


Most elephants squirt water from their trunks and get themselves wet.

Many snakes shed their skins when they get bigger.

Some wasps may sting you but only if you annoy them.

A few cats like to drink milk because they don’t like water.

All dogs must be kept on leads so they don’t run off.





This week in Maths we are applying what we have learnt about addition and subtraction to solve word problems. 

Please use the Calculation Methods resource as a reminder on how to work out the calculations 

You can then work through the various activities. 

For the last activity on Money problems there is an extension activity where you can set up a pretend shop, use money and start to work out change. This is an introduction to the work we are doing on Money next week in Maths.

Ask an adult at home if you can have some coins to explore. Find out what values (denominations) the coins come in and try making different amounts in various ways. 

Jewish Weddings

Jewish Weddings 


This week we are learning about Jewish weddings in school. 

Read through the PowerPoint and watch the clips at the end. 

What do you notice that is the same and/or different compared to any weddings you have been to?

Talk to an adult about what you think are the special meanings or symbolism of some the things that are done or used at a Jewish wedding. 


In school we are going to do a role play of a Jewish wedding. Can you do the same at home? Maybe you could use some dolls or teddy bears as the people ... 

Can you make a chuppot? (special canopy that the couple are married under) 

If you do it would be lovely to see some photos of your role play. Please send them to our email.