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WC 30.11.2020



For maths this week, we are focusing on adding two 2-digit numbers using a variety of methods. There are instructions for each task on the documents below. Which method will you prefer to solve the problems? 



This week we are going to have a go at writing the story Beegu (this will help us to create own own alien stories next week!) But before you write, there are a number of tasks we would like you to complete: 


Activity 1: Contractions! 

Watch this video to find out what contractions are and then complete the activity below. Afterwards, read through the attached version of Beegu. Are there any contractions missing off of your sheet? Can you add them? 

Contractions for Children

Learn about contractions for children with this video specially made for year 1. Check out our butterfly resource here:'s ...

Activity 2: Embellish the story. 

We have loved reading the story Beegu, but we have noticed there aren't many adjectives. Using a coloured pen, can you add these to your story map? You could even create a 2A sentence (2 adjectives which are separated with a comma before a noun). Good luck! 


Activity 3: Write your new and improved version of Beegu! 

These can be handwritten or typed. When you have finished, you could take a picture or send us an email so we can read your wonderful creations. 










The Nativity Story

This week in Year 2 we are filming the Nativity story which everyone will be able to watch online soon!


Please can you read the Nativity story on the powerpoint and maybe any other versions of the story you have as a book or that you find online. 


Then you can make your own Nativity scene using the cut out figures or perhaps using something else such as Lego or play dough? We would love to see photos of your creations!


You could also act out the Nativity story using the cut out stick puppets, you could record this and send it in for us all to watch!