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WC 22.03.21

Remember - you can continue to use your Oxford Owls class login to access hundreds of lovely books.

**You may wish to add the activities you complete onto Tapestry for us to see and add feedback to. This can be just a comment to tell us what you have been doing or photos/videos. **



For meditation, feel free to look for some yoga and mindfulness videos you might like to do under the ‘Mindfulness’ tab from previous weeks, or check out ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ online or ‘GoNoodle’. You may want to listen to any stories we post on Tapestry or you could follow this link to an audio mindfulness book on the World Book Day website. Each chapter has a different mindfulness activity lead and read by Sheridan Smith.


Read Write Inc

You can use the links under the ‘Phonics’ Tab on the home learning page of the website to play some fun games on the suggested phonic websites.


Additionally, there is a document under the ‘Phonics’ tab called ‘Practical Phonics Ideas’ with some practical ideas to recap sounds and blending skills.


If you would like any Read Write Inc video links to any particular sounds, please email one of the team and we can send a link to you on Tapestry.



This week we are continuing our child-led topic around dinosaurs. 


Can you listen to the story 'Dinosaur Roar?' 


Adjectives are describing words, can you discuss the meaning of the adjectives used in this story? Can you choose two or three different adjectives from the story and see if you can write some different adjectives for your words? Remember to use your 'Fred Fingers' to sound out each word before you write it. 


Can you draw a picture of your own dinosaur and think of some adjectives to describe your own dinosaur? Remember to use your 'Fred Fingers' to sound out each word before you write it. 


Throughout the week, can you continue practising forming the letters in your name correctly? Remember you can use the formation sound mat we sent home to help you remember the rhyme for each letter. You could have a go at writing your surname if you would like an extra challenge. 



Matching Numeral and Amount

Can you look at the numeral and pictorial snap PowerPoint attached at the bottom of the page? Can you recognise when the numeral and amount in the picture match? Can you make your own game of numeral and picture snap cards at home and play against someone in your family? 



Can you look at the dinosaur addition PowerPoint attached at the bottom of the page? Can you find some different things around your house to record your own addition facts, for example, dinosaur toys, Lego bricks, socks etc. Remember how many did you start with? How many more did you add? What is the final total? Can you record this as an addition number sentence, for example, '3+4=7'.


This week you could continue practising forming numbers to 10 correctly using the number rhyme PowerPoint attached at the bottom of the page.




In PE we have been practising the skill of skipping using a skipping rope after Mr Low's skipping challenge set to everyone. If you have a skipping rope at home can you continue practising the skill of skipping?


Throughout the week, can you continue practising getting dressed and undressed independently in the morning and evening? This plays an important part in the children's independence skills. The children are finding buttons quite tricky, can you practise doing your buttons up on some of your clothes and undoing them? 


Can you have a go at some of the Cosmic Kids Dinosaur Yoga?



Next week we are going to be thinking about the celebration of Easter and the Easter story. Can you listen to the Christian Easter story this week ready to think about this more next week? 



Can you have a go at making your own dinosaur using your handprint?