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WC 19.10.2020



In maths this week we are going to investigate and practise recalling number bonds to 10 (these are two numbers that can be added together to create the answer 10). 


We will begin by using a part whole grid and counters to work systematically to find all of the pairs (an example has been uploaded below). We will then practise recalling our number bonds through a series of games. 


To end the week we will use our number bonds to 10 to create number bonds to 100. 



In English this week we are focusing on developing our guided reading skills. We are learning to retrieve information, check our understanding of vocabulary, sequence events, make predictions and answer inference questions (questions which ask us to think of what we know because of what has been said or done). Below you will find some activities to carry out (please only complete the first sheet on each document labelled 1). 


Check out Spelling Shed for some activities too! 



In science this week we are going to conduct an experiment to see how the shape of solid objects can be changed through squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. Below is a PowerPoint and an investigation for you to complete.