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WC 17.5.21

Remember - you can continue to use your Oxford Owls class login to access hundreds of lovely books.

**You may wish to add the activities you complete onto Tapestry for us to see and add feedback to. This can be just a comment to tell us what you have been doing or photos/videos. **



For meditation, feel free to look for some yoga and mindfulness videos you might like to do under the ‘Mindfulness’ tab from previous weeks, or check out ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ online or ‘GoNoodle’. You may want to listen to any stories we post on Tapestry.


Read Write Inc

You can use the links under the ‘Phonics’ Tab on the home learning page of the website to play some fun games on the suggested phonic websites.


Additionally, there is a document under the ‘Phonics’ tab called ‘Practical Phonics Ideas’ with some practical ideas to recap sounds and blending skills.


If you would like any Read Write Inc video links to any particular sounds, please email one of the team and we can send a link to you on Tapestry.



This week we are continuing our 'Marvellous Me' topic, thinking about how we stay safe and healthy. Please see the Parent Mail sent to you to have a look at our curriculum knowledge organiser to find out more about our learning intentions for this half term. Please also see our curriculum provision map on the curriculum overview section of the Early Years section. 


This week we are going to be thinking about how we stay safe. Each day we will put up a different scenario with Mike/Millie on Tapestry. Can you spot and discuss what is unsafe? How could Mike/Millie make sure they are being safe? You could have a go at writing what Mike/Millie need to do. 


We are going to link being safe this week with superheroes and how they protect people and keep them safe. Can you write a list a things that a superhero needs to be, for example, 's-t-r-o-ng' or 'k-i-n-d'. 


You may enjoy the Supertato series of books on YouTube (or if you have them at home). 


Can you share any superhero stories you may have at home with a grown up?



This week we are going to be learning about subtraction (taking away). 


If you have a TV license, can you watch this NumberBlocks episode of ten green bottles? 


You could also sing some well known number rhymes about taking away such as...

Five little ducks

Five little speckled frogs

Five little monkeys

Five currant buns

You can find these on YouTube if needed. 


You could watch these Oak Academy lessons:


Can you have a go at playing these subtraction games? 



Can you make your own Supertato using any craft materials you have at home like the picture below? You could make some other superhero veggies as well! You could draw and design your own superhero veggies as well or if you would prefer.