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WC 16.11.2020

In English this week were are going to be reading some poetry. 


Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen

Please follow the link to listen to the poet read this poem,


What did you like about the poem?

Now draw (or make!) a chocolate cake inspired by the poem. Imagine your chocolate cake is going to be sold in a shop and write a detailed description for the label of the cake.

Remember to include adjectives.


Going Upstairs

Read the poem carefully.

Which word is not a real word?

Why do poets sometimes make up words?

Which part of this poem is repeated? Why do you think the poet used repetition?

Please practise 'performance reading' this poem. Can you learn some or all of it by heart?

My staircase has 12 stairs, please write two more lines for this poem for the extra two stairs. 


Fairy Alphabet

Read the poem carefully. Which words rhyme?

Imagine superheroes have a special alphabet to learn like these fairies. 

Can you write the first four lines (A,B, C and D) of the poem. Can you include rhyme?







In maths this week, we are learning to add and subtract 1-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers. We will  use a variety of methods which are modelled on each document. Later on in the week we will investigate adding and subtracting tens by drawing tens and ones or by using the column method.