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WC 14.12.2020



This week we are going to create poems based on '10 Things Found in a Wizard's Pocket'. 

Our poems will have a Christmas theme such as: 

  • 10 Things Found in Father Christmas' Pocket
  • 10 Things Found in an Elf's Pocket
  • 10 Things Found in the Grinch's Pocket
  • 10 Things Found in a Fairy's Pocket
  • 10 Things Found in a Snowman's Pocket


Below you will find the original poem. What special features do you notice? 

Then use the plan to think of some adjectives and nouns for your new character (you could include a 2A sentence!) 

There is also some Christmas paper for you to write your poem on. When you put each idea into a sentence, remember your adjectives and punctuate your sentences. You may also want to add some similes so there is a PowerPoint below to show you what these are. 

We hope you enjoy writing them and feel free to email your work to your class teacher. 










This week we are going to continue practising column subtraction of 2 digit numbers with exchange. 


Please complete the subtraction word problems attached, you could also write some similar ones of your own. 


There are also some Christmas Maths activities to do to practise the Maths we have been learning this term. 

Charles Macintosh - Waterproof Materials 


This week we are learning about Charles Macintosh who was the inventor of waterproof materials. Please read through the Powerpoint  and watch the you tube link within it about Charles Macintosh's life. 


We are then going to investigate different materials to find out which are waterproof and which are not. 


The adult who is working with you can read the lesson plan and decide how you can set up your investigation at home. In school we are going to test different materials such as cling film, foil, a laminating pouch and towel. 

Please let us know what you find out.