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wc 11.7.22

Thursday 14th July and Friday 15th July 




This week we are writing a non chronological report about Zambia. 


Please can you find out some facts about Zambia on the internet, you can also use the facts from the Zambia information sheet then write a report. 


A non- chronological report has some special text features, please look at these on the sheet in this week's resources. 


Your report should have:

1. a title

2. introduction

3. sub-heading for each section

4. pictures and diagrams

5. conclusion




Today we are learning how to read the temperature on a thermometer. 

Tomorrow we are using the four operations with mass. 

Please work through the powerpoints and then complete the activities on the sheets. 


Other subjects

This week we are having a special SPARTS week of Sports and Art. 

Please create a picture you can bring to school to share which is about sports.