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WC 7.12.2020


In English this week we are going to create our own alien stories based on the story Beegu. Before we write, we need to create a new character and then create a story map. 


Activity 1: Create an alien

Draw a picture of your new alien. Add labels to show what it looks like (its features) and how it feels. Some examples have been uploaded below. 


Activity 2: Create your own story map 

This activity might take you a couple of days. Can you draw a story map to help you write your new story? In Beegu, the main character gets lost, meets new people and then is found. Can you think of some exciting scenarios for your alien? 


Activity 3: Write your story

Write your alien story using your story map to help you. Remember to use your contraction word mat and your common exception word mat (these are available below) 


We would love to see your stories! Feel free to take a picture and email them to your class teacher. 













This week in Maths we are continuing to learn how to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. Sometimes this will involve exchanging a ten and we use equipment (dienes) to show this and then move onto drawings off tens and ones to show pictorially how the numbers are partitioned to calculate. 

The Christingle 

This week we are learning about Christingles and how Christians try to live as  'lights' in the world.


Please read through the powerpoint, you could try and make a Christingle with your family. 


Next complete the worksheet. How can you bring 'light' to the people around you? ... maybe by helping to tidy the house or playing sensibly with your younger brother or sister? 


Extra task:  Wordsearch