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W/B Monday 21st September

Read Write Inc


This week we will start to teach Read Write Inc, our phonics programme, starting with a sound a day. The first five sounds will be m,a,s,d,t. The video below will explain how to help your child learn these sounds and pronounce them correctly. It is important that you do not add an 'uh' to the end of the pure sound. 


Challenge - Can you try and find some objects in your house or garden that begin with the sounds you are learning this week?





We have been learning some number rhymes to help us remember how to form the numerals 0-9. Have a look at the PowerPoint below and practise the rhymes (remember to use your magic finger pencil to have a go at writing the numbers in the air while you say the rhyme).


Challenge - Can you use the rhymes to help you write some numbers on paper? 



Can you practise getting dressed and undressed independently in the morning and evening? You could have a go at putting your socks and shoes on and taking them off again independently.