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W/B Monday 19th October

Read Write Inc

This week we are continuing to teach Read Write Inc, the last five set 1 sounds are v, y, w, x and z. The following link shows you how to pronounce these sounds:


Challenge - Can you use your RWInc sound cards that were sent home last week and see if you can remember each of the sounds from last week? (e, l, h, r and j).You can access the links on Tapestry to watch video lessons of last weeks five sounds to help recap these sounds. 



This week we are thinking about comparing amounts. We will be using the mathematical vocabulary; 

the same as, equal to, fewer and more.


Can you draw out two 'five frames' as shown in the picture below? Can you put an amount of objects on to each five frame? For example,  3 pebbles on one five frame and 2 pebbles on the other five frame. Can you use the vocabulary above to compare the two groups of objects? Can you repeat with different amounts each time? Can you put the same amount on each fives frame? We say that they are 'the same' or they are 'equal to' each other. 




This week we are designing our own Christmas card. These cards will be available for parents to order. Can you design your own Christmas picture on A4 white card? Please can you leave a border around the edge of the paper.