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W/B Monday 14th December

It's nearly Christmas! This week is our last week of term. We will be enjoying some Christmas fun this week, including some Christmas crafts, baking and dancing. 



Could you have a go at making these fun 'Melting Snowman' biscuits. You could bake your own biscuits or simply use a digestive or rich tea biscuit. Use some icing sugar and water to make your melting snowman's body and stick a marshmallow on top for your snowman head. Add some decorations such as smarties or jelly tots for buttons. 
Keeping the snowman theme, you could have a go at this fun snowman craft. Using something that is a circle shape in your house, draw 2 circles and fill them with cotton wool. Add an orange triangle shaped nose, some black circle eyes and buttons, and even a rectangle scarf and square hat. Can you spot the shapes you have used. 

What a busy term of maths we have had, you might enjoy some of these maths games that we have tried in the classroom.

Some Christmas Songs and Dances for you to enjoy...

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