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W/B Monday 12th October

Read Write Inc

This week we are continuing to teach Read Write Inc, the next five sounds are e, l, h, r and j. The following link shows you how to pronounce these sounds:


Challenge - Can you use your RWInc sound cards that were sent home last week and see if you can remember each of the sounds from last week? (c, k, u, b and f).You can access the links on Tapestry to watch video lessons of last weeks five sounds to help recap these sounds. 



This week we are thinking about different ways of sorting. Can you find different things in your house to sort? Could you sort your socks into different colours?  Could you sort different things in your garden such as sticks or stones into size order? Can you sort different objects depending on what shape they are? 


Challenge: Can your grown up sort some objects into different groups and then can you work out different ways in which your grown up has sorted the objects?


You may wish to play this monster shape sorting game... 



This week in class we are continuing to look at the story of 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas. You can listen to the story here:


Can you design your own colour monster, draw them and colour them in.  Think about the different features monsters have such as spikes, stripes, spots or maybe a horn. They could have five eyes? They could have lots of sharp pointy teeth? Can you have a go at giving your monster a name with three or four sounds in such as 'Ned' or 'Sam'. You may like to choose a nonsense word name for your monster such as 'Ped' 'or Dag'. Can you have a go at writing your monsters name using the letter formation rhymes we use at school, for example, 'slither down the snake' for 's'. 


What colour is your colour monster? why?