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WB 8-3-21


This week in Maths we will be recapping aspects of place value. All tasks have been set as homework on MyMaths and each has an accompanying lesson. 

The homework is:

  • Place value to 100,000
  • Rounding to 10, 100
  • Introducing negative numbers
  • Solving problems with rounding
  • Roman numerals



Week commencing 8.3. 2021.


The English for this week will take us almost to the Easter break as we are starting a new unit on Greek myths. We will have time to explore different Greek myths before looking in more detail at Theseus and the Minotaur story.  Our topic links to the English and is looking at Ancient Greeks. The customs and culture, as well as looking at where Greece is and the type of place it is.







Explore a range of Greek Myths

  1. Listen to some Greek myths.


What are the stories about? What did you like or dislike about them?

Were there any similarities or differences?



1.Listen to/watch several versions of Greek myths.

2.Make a note of  any vocabulary or parts of the story not understood.


  • Access to audio and video versions
  • Paper for recording thoughts   and ideas.


Listen to Theseus and the Minotaur.

Learn the basic story

  1. Listen to the audio version of Theseus and the Minotaur


  1. Watch a Youtube version     lego Theseus theseus – full story


Compare story lines, characters, themes.  Is the same story told? 


Think about:

What is the weapon used? What was the quest (adventure/journey)?

 Which gods/goddesses were involved? 

What powers did they have?

What was the challenge?

 What kind of success does the hero/heroine enjoy?



1.Listen to/watch several versions of Greek myths

4.Make a note of  any vocabulary or parts of the story not understood.

2. Make a basic story map which will help you check the understanding of the story.

3.Add good vocabulary  that you may have noticed.


  • Access to audio and video versions
  • Paper copy of the story

Paper for recording thoughts and ideas.


Investigating the text

Look at the written version of Theseus and The Minotaur.  Look carefully at the text, what makes it an effective piece of writing? What are the grammar features that make it effective? How does it make you, the reader feel? 

Key question:   What effective techniques has the author used?


Text extract and answers to support looking for grammar features.



1.Use the text extract to look for grammar features.

2.Check using the answer sheet.

3.Record what you think a  writer will need in order to write their own good version of Theseus and the Minotaur. Highlight text features  to help you with this.


  • Access to Theseus text
  • Information sheet including features

Paper to record your ideas

Thursday- learn the story

1.Use your story map and a written version of the story to help you to learn the sequence of events, so that you can retell the key events in the story really well. You may need to add extra information to your story map that you made onday 2.                                          



1.Use your story map to learn the story really well.


  • Access to printed or audible copies of the story.

Own story map

Friday- investigate the Minotaur

1.Look at the different images of the minotaur. 

What vocabulary would you use to describe the creature.

Make a word bank of ideas and ‘borrow’ ideas from others. Use the word bank provided to get you started.

2.Write a detailed character description of the minotaur using the vocabulary you have collected. Remember to write in full sentences and build a paragraph- about 4/5 sentences.


To help you get started:

What does it look, smell, sound  like?

How does it move/behave?


Think about: 

Good sentence starters 

Descriptive vocabulary that helps the reader to ‘see’ a picture of the creature in their mind.



1.Use the images of the minotaur to help you visualise and describe.

2.Write a paragraph to describe the minotaur. Use some of the sentence starters to help make your writing interesting.


  • Access to images

Paper, pencil to record ideas



We have just started to learn about the Ancient Greek civilisation and discovered where Greece is on a map. This week we will start to think about what life was like in Ancient Greece. 

Firstly, list everything you already know about Ancient Greece, you could use pictures to help illustrate your ideas too.


Your next task will be to look at the powerpoints showing Greek buildings and artefacts and create a poster about what you think life was like back then.



We will also be creating art work based on David Hockney's landscape. Please choose one of the pictures that you like and try to recreate it as carefully as possible, especially the vivid colours.


Guided reading:

Read through one of the star level comprehensions on Theseus and the Minotaur and answer the questions.