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WB 4-1-21

Week commencing 4.1. 2021.


There are just four school days this week to start out term. This week we will be starting to look at the narrative poem, The Highwayman which we will be using to support our writing. We will work towards the  final task which will be to write a diary from Bess’ viewpoint. The highwayman is widely available online as  a written text.



  1. Intro to The Highwayman

Setting the scene



Set background to poem

Share poem in darkened atmosphere.

Watch film clip

  1. Listen to the telling of the story through the poem.


Setting the scene  ( 2)

Make masks and hats

In school we will be making a tri-pointed hat and a black mask to help us imagine what it might be like to look like the highwayman

Make hat and mask to support children feeling ‘in role’ when working on The Highwayman



Investigating the text

Read the first four stanzas of poem. 

Discuss examples of old fashioned vocabulary/specific vocabulary to describe ( ostler)

Use the context of the poem to understand/help explain what they might mean 

Recap on simile and metaphor -select an example to share


Find these things in the first four stanzas.


repetition                  powerful vocabulary                onomatopoeia

alliteration                vivid adjectives      rhyme

metaphor                  simile


  1. Annotate poem – identify specific/old fashioned vocabulary
  2. Find metaphor and simile and annotate these.
  3. Collect powerful vocabulary to support writing later. writing of word poem



Performance of  Poem

Rehearse the verses of the poem to support learning of it.  This will help to practice vocabulary and rehearse poem to make the storyline clear. 


  1. Learn the poem
  2. Select powerful vocabulary for this session to add to collection of words for future tasks




This week we will be finding out all about gravity, at home find some objects that aren't breakable and drop them onto a soft surface. What do you notice about what happens when they leave your hand?

Read through the Issac Newton fact sheet, answer either the 1 star or 3 star questions about the fact sheet.