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WB 28-09-20


The Ancient Maya- tourism poster.

During this week we will be linking English with our topic using information about the Maya to produce a poster to advertise the area to tourists.

 Use these information clips about the Maya, which were used last week, to help you build a picture of what it would be like to visit the area as a tourist.


Please also look at the powerpoints. One which describes the daily life of the Maya and the other  which has additional images to help you visualise some aspects of the area and some artefacts. It also has some images of modern day Mayan people, who are still living today, direct ancestors of the Ancient Maya.

Task: to produce a colourful and informative poster to advertise a trip to the remains of the settlements of the Ancient Maya. Think about how remarkable the architecture and building were for the times and how the remains tell us just how well built they were.

Remember to include pictures, make it colourful and use language which will make the reader want to make a visit. Try it out on a family member. Would they want to go when they have read your poster?


Science task:

In school we will be learning about the planets in our solar system and about the way in which they move around the Sun.

Task: Create a diagram of our solar system showing the planets in order and their path of movement around the Sun. Include a sentence describing why the planets move and the way in which they move.

You could also research and include interesting facts about each planet, such as; how long they take to orbit the Sun, the temperatures of the planets or how many moons (if any) they have.