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W/B Monday 23rd November


This week in English we are looking at the story of 'The Gruffalo'. If you have the story at home you can share the story or you can find the story online on the following link; 


Challenge: Can you draw and write some ingredients for your own disgusting Gruffalo crumble? You can use the template below with some ideas on to help you if you wish. Use the handwriting phrases we sent home to support with your letter formation when writing the sounds you can hear in each word. Pinch the sounds on your 'Fred fingers' for each word, for example, in the word 'mud' you will need three Fred fingers 'm-u-d'. 



This week we are thinking about one less. There are lots of nursery rhymes and songs that sing about one less. 5 little speckled frogs, 5 currant buns, 5 little monkeys, 5 little men in a flying saucer, 10 green bottles. Can you sing some? You can use the link below to see if you can find any songs here.  Can you find some objects up to 5 in your house and have a go at taking one away. How many are there now?

Challenge: You could use your toy cars and drive them into a car park. Have a go at driving one away and then see how many are left in the car park. There are some more one less challenges on the document below. 


This week in RE, we are thinking about what makes us who we are. What makes us special? Can you have a go at drawing your face? Have a look carefully in the mirror at the colour of your skin, eyes and hair. Can you find colours to match and draw a picture of yourself? You could draw a picture of your brother/sister/mum/dad. Do they look the same as you? 


Talk to your grown up about things that make you special that cannot be seen. E.g things you like, things you enjoy, things you are good at.