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WB 23-11-20

Week commencing 23rd  November  2020.

During the next 2-3 weeks  we will be using the text Shackleton’s Journey  by William Grill to complete several short  writing tasks. We will follow through the book to map the journey and watch a film clip which brings to life many of the extreme conditions they were faced with during their expedition. We will look at the different characters and their roles during the expedition.


  1. Introduction to Shackleton’s Journey

Decorate somewhere in your home  with paper snowflakes to create  an arctic feel.

Read funding and recruitment in the book.

  1. look at the roles of the crew and decide which person you would like to be for the expedition.

2. Write an application letter ( in role) convincing the funding party why they are the best for the job.


  • Shackleton’s Journey text
  • Crew member selection


2.Preparation for interview

Discuss questions needed for an interview and qualities needed for being interviewed.

  1. Prepare for an  interview and ask someone in your household to interview you


  • Questions for the interviewer
  • Strategies for the interviewee

3.To articulate and justify opinions

Read about Shackleton’s ship and the supplies and equipment pages.

  1. In groups, create a Diamond nine priority list
  2. Write statements of justification to back up your choices


  • Text
  • Diamond nine cards

4.Telegram home


Read setting sail

Recreate through freeze frames

Discuss emotions- emotive language


  1. Collect emotive language that would be helpful in writing a telegram home
  • Text


5. Relative clauses

Investigate relative clauses ( revision)

  1. Model how to write a telegram including relative clauses.
  2. Write own  telegram home


  • Text
  • Relative clauses powerpoint


If you are able to; get a glass of warm water and put in a teaspoon of either: salt, coffee granules, gravy granules or sugar. Give the mixture a few stirs and write down your observations.

Read the definition of what dissolving means and then write a description in your own words as to what is happening inside the glass.

a lesson about how to communicate you results from an experiment.