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WB 22-3-21

Week commencing 22.3. 2021.


This week we will be focusing on comparing fractions.

  • modelling fractions calculations
  • fractions calculations 2 
  • starting to compare fractions
  • comparing fractions 1 - bar model
  • comparing fractions 2 - bar model



The English for this week will follow on from the previous 2 weeks. We have built up the skills  and are now ready to start writing. Once the story is written you could then choose to make an electronic animation or an animated version using figures and still photos. Enjoy!








 Writing the story

Using your story plan to help you, the word banks, sentence starter banks and any vocabulary you have collected yourself continue your story. Remember to include the detail of the mission Theseus needed to complete and how he escaped and returned home.

To build stamina with writing write  a paragraph at  a time until you have completed the whole story. Edit and improve each paragraph as you write.



1.Complete your story making sure you include the relevant detail of the exciting events and the ending which was triumphant and sad.

Story plan, word banks, sentence starters


Day 12- edit and improve



Once you have completed your story, re-read it. If you can, read it aloud to another person in your family. Use a thesaurus or dictionary to help improve spellings and word choices.


1.Read your story aloud so that you ‘hear’ what it sounds like. Edit your story using thesaurus and dictionary

  • Story
  • Story plan
  • Thesaurus



Days 13- 15

Create an animated version of the story


Watch this version of Theseus and the Minotaur which shows a simple version of the story and should provide you with some ideas to get you started. You could build your model using card, modelling clay/plasticine/play dough or build the characters using Lego or other building blocks.

Film your characters in action by taking shots, then moving the characters/scenery for the next scene.



Make your own animated version of the story. Use card/modelling materials or building blocks ( Lego) to construct the scenes and the characters.

2.Film your story and share it with someone.

  • Story
  • Materials to construct characters and background for your film
  • A device to film your story


Day 14



Complete animated story.





Day 15



Share the animated version.









This week we will be learning all about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. They play pivotal roles in all the Greek myths that we have read so far. 

Find out as much as you can about the Gods and Goddesses from the fact files, then create a set of top trumps about each of the gods.

On the back of each card write an interesting fact that you have found out about the god or goddess.