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WB 21-09-20


The Ancient Maya- information leaflet.

During this week we will be linking English with our topic using information about the Maya to produce a leaflet.

Information about the Maya can be found using the word document and by viewing these short film clips.


Please also look at the powerpoint for some ideas about presentation of the leaflet and support for sentence writing.

Task: to produce an interesting leaflet that describes the Ancient Mayan way of life.

Remember to include pictures and make it colourful.


Topic task: 

Use the information from the film clips or from your own research to produce either a presentation which you could share with a family member or make a fact file about the importance of chocolate to the Ancient Maya.



This week in Maths we are learning about number and place value. 

All 5 activities have been set on MyMaths, please work your way through the lessons then attempt the homework section.